Dental Treatments

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Our office is very focused on the prevention of cavities and other dental diseases. One of the best ways to prevent cavities is to have a "check up" every 6 months. This allows us to examine your child’s teeth and soft tissues to make sure that there are not any cavities or other problems present or forming. We can assess your child’s oral hygiene and risk factors to ensure that everything is being done to keep your child cavity free. Your child’s teeth will be cleaned to remove bacterial plaque and calculus (hard tarter deposits) that can cause gum disease and tooth decay. We will apply topical fluoride to the teeth to make them stronger and more resistant to tooth decay. We also have an opportunity to take X-Rays if needed (usually once every year). A thorough cleaning and fluoride treatment every six months has been shown to be an extremely effective way to prevent dental disease.

Our Dental Services

Operative Procedures

Our doctors are some of the top providers of pediatric dental operative procedures in the area. We provide a wide array of pediatric operative procedues, including white fillings, stainless steel crowns, baby root canals, extractions, space maintainers, sealants, rubber dam.


On your child’s permanent molars there are naturally formed grooves along the chewing surface. These grooves can be hard to clean out, and food will often get trapped between them. Applying sealants can provide additional protection against tooth decay and cavities while helping maintain cleanliness.

Sedation Dentistry

With any dental procedure, your kid can have a lot of anxiety and fear. Laughing gas has a calming effect that helps anxious patients relax during their dental treatment. Laughing gas is very safe and the effects wear off almost immediately.


Dental X-rays are an essential part of a dental examination. These X-rays assist the dentist in inspecting areas of the mouth that can’t easily be seen from the outside. Some areas that an X-Ray may expose include areas of decay between the teeth or below existing fillings, bone infections, periodontal disease, abscesses or cysts, developmental abnormalities, and tumors

Hospital Dentistry

For some children, treatment in the dental office setting is too difficult due to extensive dental needs coupled with a high level of anxiety or fear. These patients are often best treated in a hospital operating room (OR) setting while they are asleep under general anesthesia.


At each recall exam we will examine your child’s bite. Even when children are as young as two years old problems with the relationship between their top jaws and their bottom jaws can be evident.

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