Behavior Management

Conventional Treatment

Dentist going over behavior management with kid

We are pleased to offer a fun facility with experienced doctors and a trained staff to provide care to our patients. Our staff obtains the cooperation of our child and adolescent patients by use of warmth, friendliness, humor, charm, gentleness, kindness and understanding.

There are several behavior management techniques used during a visit with a patient. These include:

  • Tell-show-do
  • Modeling from other patients
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Distraction-music
  • Helpful tools (mouth pillows and rubber raincoats)
  • Toys, kids magazines, video game, etc.

Nitrous Oxide

Many children are calm, comfortable and confident in a pediatric dental office. Because pediatric dentists specialize in treating children, they make children feel special. The office is especially designed for children. Our staff members choose to work in a pediatric dental office because they enjoy kids. Sometimes, however, a child feels anxious during treatment. Your child may need more support than a gentle, caring manner to feel comfortable. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is a safe, effective technique to calm a child’s fear of the dental visit during operative procedures or sealants. During your new patient visit, we will explore the use of nitrous oxide based on your child’s age, level of anxiety, amount of dental work, and length of the appointment.

Dental Treatment with General Anesthesia

Our doctors spend about one day a week at Wake Med Main Campus in Raleigh treating children in the OR while they are asleep under general anesthesia. In this setting, very young or anxious children or children with special needs can have full mouth dental treatment completed in the operating room under general anesthesia in one visit.

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