Knocked out or avulsed teeth are often the result of a sports injury that has caused severe trauma to the mouth. If your child has suffered from a knocked out tooth and you’re in search of a Wake Forest pediatric dentist that can address avulsion, Triangle Pediatric Dentistry has you covered. We have years of experience treating children who have suffered from knocked out teeth and can help you and your child get through this serious dental emergency.

An avulsed tooth can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as a tender feeling in the jaw area, pain or swelling in the face, tooth loss, a chipped tooth, a bleeding socket, severe tooth pain, and an increased sensitivity to hot and cold liquids. If your child experiences a knocked out tooth, be sure to remain as calm as possible and find the tooth.

Once you have found the tooth, you should rinse it in plain cold milk or cold water, hold it by the crown, and try to replant it. To keep the tooth in place, apply pressure with your fingers. Next, visit a highly skilled Wake Forest and Raleigh pediatric dentist at Triangle Pediatric Dentistry immediately.

You can expect the dentist to check your child’s mouth for other injuries. If you were able to replant the tooth, they will make sure that it is in the proper position. In the event that you were unable to replant it, the dentist will do so. The dentist will also likely recommend that your child refrains from playing any contact sports for at least two weeks, consumes soft foods until they have fully recovered, takes antibiotics, and comes back to our office for a follow-up appointment. In addition, they will make sure your child is relaxed and assure them that their teeth and mouth will be okay.

As long as you do not let your child’s tooth dry out and delay seeking treatment, your child will be able to successfully recover from their aviated tooth. To schedule an emergency dental appointment for a knocked out tooth, contact Triangle Pediatric Dentistry at (919) 435-7660. If the emergency occurs after hours, you’ll be given a different number to call so that you can get a hold of an on call doctor.