Summer is fast approaching. This means, your child will be out of school, enjoying the sunshine and blue skies and asking you for sugary summertime sweets like ice cream and popsicles. Although it’s okay for children to consume these sweets in moderation, overindulging can lead to cavities and other dental issues. Therefore, Triangle Pediatric Dentistry recommends these summer sweets that are less likely wreak havoc on your child’s oral health:

Yogurt Parfait

A yogurt parfait is an excellent alternative to ice cream, especially when it’s low fat and paired with fresh fruit, granola, and nuts. When children mix yogurt with fruits, they can reduce the acidity of the fruit so that their teeth won’t suffer as much.

Baked Apples or Apple Pie

A baked apple with nuts and oats makes a tasty treat on colder summer days. Apples hold water well and prompt saliva flow as a result. When this happens, your child’s teeth coat with protective minerals. Apple pie is a similar option that can also benefit the teeth.

Strawberries and Dark Chocolate

Rather than eating milk chocolate which is loaded with sugar, children should opt for dark chocolate. When added to strawberries, dark chocolate can be incredibly delicious. With this treat, they can curb their chocolate craving without damaging their teeth.

Raisins and Dates

Dates are packed with fluorine which is related to fluoride and can assist in repairing the early stages of a cavity. Raisins, which are comprised of grapes are also great for a child’s teeth because of their phytochemicals which hinder bacteria growth in the mouth and prevent the lingering of sticky foods.

Berry Milkshakes

Blending together frozen berries, low-fat plain yogurt, and some almond milk creates a yummy berry milkshake that is sure to please any child’s taste buds. This shake is loaded with calcium which is essential for healthy, strong teeth.

By providing a great example for your children, you will not have to worry about the high costs of dental surgeries in the near future. Our friend, Lakewood, Colorado emergency dentist Brian Levitin likes to say, “preventative dentistry is the most affordable type of dentistry for your child.”

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As you can see, there are plenty of treats your child can enjoy without ruining their teeth. In addition to promoting these tips to your child, be sure to bring them into Triangle Pediatric Dentistry this summer for a regular checkup. Call us today to schedule an appointment.