In recent years, more and more people have opted for sparking water instead of mineral or tap water. If your child is one of these people, you may be wondering whether or not sparking water is bad for their teeth.

According to studies conducted by dentists, drinking flavored sparkling water may make a child more susceptible to cavities. The flavoring as well as the bubbles in sparkling water increase the acidity of the drink, giving it the potential to erode tooth enamel. However, since sparking water contains less acidity than sodas and energy drinks, it is okay to drink in moderation.

Dr. Hewlett, a professor at the University of California-Los Angeles School of Dentistry and a consumer adviser for the American Dental Association recommends that children who drink sparkling water make an effort to reduce the amount of time the sparkling water touches their teeth. One way to do so is to chug rather than slowly sip on the drink throughout the day. Drinking sparkling water with food and refraining from holding the water in the mouth prior to swallowing can help as well.

Although sparkling water is a healthier option than a can of Coke or Monster energy drink, it’s still not ideal for children who would like healthy teeth. For optimal oral health, Dr. Hewlett suggests that children swap the sparkling water, sodas, and energy drinks for water that contains fluoride. Water with fluoride can benefit children by preventing them from tooth decay and reducing their risk of developing cavities.

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