Here at Triangle Pediatric Dentistry, patients often ask us how many roots teeth have. To answer this question, we like to explain what happens when a baby tooth is lost. When a baby tooth is lost, its root dissolves. Although lost baby teeth do not typically have any roots, roots do exist when baby teeth are still in the mouth.

Baby teeth have shorter roots than primary teeth or adult teeth and fall out more easily as a result. In addition, the shorter roots give adult teeth more space to develop underneath the baby teeth and make it easier for the baby teeth roots to dissolve when it’s time for the adult teeth to come into the mouth.

Importance of Roots on Baby Teeth

While the roots on baby teeth cannot be seen, they perform a very important job before the teeth fall out. They are responsible for keeping baby teeth secure and guiding adult teeth in growing in the right space.

It’s important to note that in rare instances, a child’s adult tooth will not dissolve the root of their baby tooth because their adult tooth will come in behind their baby tooth. When this occurs, it is imperative for the child to be taken to the dentist so that that they can get the baby tooth removed.

Roots in Adult Teeth

Adult teeth always have a minimum of one root, which has at least one root canal. The root canal features nerves and blood vessels that go up the root and into the pulp. Since the tooth root is protected in the jaw bone, it holds the adult teeth in place.

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