Unfortunately, dental emergencies arise out of nowhere. One day, you may find that your child has lost a permanent tooth after all dentist offices are closed. If you ever come across this situation, it’s best to stay calm so that you can think clearly and calm your child down as well.

Once you’re calmer, you should retrieve the tooth and hold it by the crown rather than the root. Next, clean it gently with water. After the tooth has been cleaned, try to reinsert it back into the socket it came from or store it in milk or saline solution if it cannot be reinserted. By preserving the tooth in a moist environment, you will increase the chances of its ability to be reattached.

Emergency Dental Care Services at Triangle Pediatric Dentistry

While you are cleaning and attempting to preserve the tooth, call your child’s pediatric dentist immediately. Even if the tooth has been lost after regular business hours, some pediatric dentist offices like Triangle Pediatric Dentistry who offer dental emergency services can help.

If you are a patient of Triangle Pediatric Dentistry and your child loses his or her adult tooth after business hours, you can simply call our office to gain access to a phone number that will allow you to reach our on call dentist. It’s important to note that since all the pediatric dentists in Wake County work together to take care of weekend dental emergencies, the dentist you may speak to may not be Dr. Hollowell or Dr. Porter from our office.

What to Expect From a Raleigh Pediatric Dentist

If you have reinserted your child’s tooth back into the socket, you can expect your child’s dentist to take an x-ray and check to determine whether it’s in the right position. He or she may use a technique called splinting to temporarily attach the tooth and ensure it stays in place.

If you were unable to place your child’s tooth back into the socket and stored it in milk or saline solution instead, the dentist will numb the area that’s been affected while repositioning the tooth. Splinting and x-rays will be used in this scenario as well. In the event that the tooth has been lost, a dentist may fill the space with a denture, bridge, or implant.

Need Emergency Dental Care For Your Child? Call Triangle Pediatric Dentistry Today

Triangle Pediatric Dentistry is here for all of your child’s emergency dental needs. Whether your child has lost an adult tooth or has experienced a different emergency after regular business hours, we can help. Call us today at (919) 435-7660 so that your child can receive the immediate dental care he or she needs.