What to Do If My Child Broke His or Her Tooth

Child with a broken tooth

If your child breaks a tooth, it’s best to remain as calm as possible. Once you and your child have calmed down, you should encourage your child to rinse his or her mouth with warm water. The purpose of rinsing with warm water is to keep the affected area clean so that it does fill with bacteria. Failing to clean the affected area can lead to bacterial infections and root canals down the road.

Next, give your child cold compresses that he or she can put on his or her face in order to reduce swelling. You can opt for a washcloth with a few ice cubes or an ice pack. By keeping the swelling down, your child will allow his or her dentist to treat the area immediately without the interference of irritated and swollen gum tissue.

After rinsing the tooth and providing your child with cold compresses, schedule an emergency appointment at your child’s pediatric dentist office. Fortunately, some pediatric dental offices such as Triangle Pediatric Dentistry offer emergency dental services that are incredibly useful if your child’s tooth breaks after regular business hours. If you call Triangle Pediatric Dentistry after regular business hours, you will be directed to a special phone number so that you can get a hold of an on call dentist.

How a Dentist May Repair a Broken Tooth

There are a variety of ways pediatric dentists repair broken teeth. The option the dentist chooses depends on the state of your child’s broken tooth. After examining your child’s teeth, a dentist may decide that a fusion, root canal, or extraction can repair the broken tooth.
A fusion will fuse the tooth back together in order to save it while a root canal will replace the tooth’s pulp with an inert material. An extraction is the ideal solution if the damage is too severe and there is no way to save the tooth.

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