If your daughter plays girls lacrosse and has braces, you may be wondering what type of mouthpiece can help her avoid broken teeth. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of mouthpieces on the market that can allow your daughter to enjoy playing lacrosse without worrying about any teeth damage. Here at Triangle Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend the following mouthpieces for teenage girls with braces who play lacrosse:

Vettex Mouthpieces

Vettex mouthpieces are a great option because they are lightweight, simple, and contain a lip guard. Additionally, they feature a one piece adjustable strap, pliable thermo rubber for cushioning comfort, and breathing holes.

Shock Doctor Mouthpieces

We are huge fans of mouthpieces by Shock Doctor for a number of reasons. In addition to being lightweight, they can be custom fitted for your daughter and her braces. Shock Doctor mouthpieces are also very affordable and suggested by athletic divisions at major universities.

Tapout Mouthpieces

Tapout mouthpieces stand out because they are comprised of a material that can remold your daughter’s teeth. They are also engineered to allow air flow around your daughter’s teeth and jaw. Although Tapout is a pricier mouthpiece brand, we believe it’s worth the extra money.

MoGo Sports Flavored Mouthpieces

You may be surprised to learn that flavored mouthpieces do exist thanks to MoGo Sports. These mouthguards come in various flavors including orange, mint, fruit punch, lemon, and bubble gum. If your daughter doesn’t like the idea of wearing a mouthpiece during lacrosse, the MoGo Sports flavored mouthpieces may change her mind.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), your daughter is 60 times more likely to damage her teeth if she does not wear a mouthpiece while playing lacrosse. For this reason, it’s imperative that you invest in one of these mouthpieces her. If you’d like a dentist’s professional opinion on a mouthpiece for your daughter, do not hesitate to contact Triangle Pediatric Dentistry at (919) 435-7660.