You may be concerned if you take a peek in your child’s mouth and notice permanent teeth growing in before they’ve lost their baby teeth. You may believe that something went wrong since permanent teeth are supposed to grow underneath the baby teeth which eventually loosen and fall out.

It’s important to understand that sometimes baby teeth do not want to exit the mouth and permanent teeth grow in behind them as a result. If your child’s permanent teeth grow behind their baby teeth, don’t worry. This is a common condition known as shark teeth and does not constitute as a dental emergency.

What Causes Shark Teeth

Dentists have different opinions on why adult teeth grow behind baby teeth. Some dentists believe that because the roots of the baby teeth cannot dissolve properly, the permanent teeth don’t have anywhere to go and simply appear in the mouth. Others believe that this condition is a result of teeth crowding in the lower jaw.

What to Do If Shark Teeth Exist

Fortunately, you can expect your child’s shark teeth to resolve naturally. In many cases, the baby teeth will simply fall out on their own in a few weeks. However, sometimes, this is not the case. If your child’s baby teeth do not fall out after a few weeks, you should take them to a pediatric dentist. He or she can investigate your child’s mouth and remove the baby teeth.

In the event that your dentist removes your child’s baby teeth but there is still not enough space for their adult teeth to move to their proper position, a procedure known as disking may be performed. During a disking procedure, a dentist may remove some enamel from the baby teeth to make enough room for the permanent teeth to move forward.

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