At around age 6, most children begin to lose their baby teeth so that their permanent adult teeth can grow in. You can expect your child’s transition from baby to permanent teeth to last until age 12 or 13.

When their 6 year molars start to come in, some children experience the same teething symptoms they had when they were babies. Swollen gums, diarrhea, and a mild fever are just several of the may uncomfortable symptoms that 6 year molars may bring.

By feeding your child more liquids like applesauce and mashed bananas, educating them on how to properly brush their teeth, giving them over-the-counter pain medication when necessary, and taking them to the dentist at least every 6-months, you can help make their transition easier.

What Should I Do If My Child is Younger Than Age 6 & Has Molars Coming In?

Here at Triangle Pediatric Dentistry, some parents contact us because they’ve noticed that their child’s 6 year molars have come in early. If your child is younger than 6 years old and you believe that they have molars, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at our office as soon as possible.

Our dentists will evaluate your child’s particular situation and determine whether their molars have appeared earlier than expected. They will also check for a variety of dental diseases and conditions and inform you whether your child’s early molars are a sign of other dental issues.

Sometimes, we find that children who appear to have their 6 year molars coming in early are actually suffering from tooth abscess. Tooth abscess is an infection at the root of a tooth or between the tooth and the gum. It can cause very painful swelling and must be treated immediately so that it does not spread.

Contact Triangle Pediatric Dentistry

If you think that your child’s 6 year molars are coming in early, you should contact Triangle Pediatric Dentistry at 919-435-7660 to schedule an appointment just North of Raleigh in Wake Forest, NC. We’ll perform some x-rays and thoroughly examine your child’s teeth to let you know if their 6 year molars are growing in or whether there are any dental conditions you should be concerned about. If there are any concerns or questions you have, do not hesitate to reach out to us today.